Process Evaluation of the ARC Social Cash Transfer Programme.

The purpose of this evaluation was to generate information and learning that the ARC Agency, the Government of Zimbabwe, the ‘Replica’ partner (in this case the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)) and other Member States and partners of the ARC will use for accountability and to improve the contingency planning and implementation processes, with the ultimate goal to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the implementation of future ARC pay-outs, as well as the relevance and coherence of this intervention, and its impact on beneficiaries.
The expected users of this Inception Report are principally the ARC and the Government of Zimbabwe, as well as partners such as WFP.
In July 2020, ARC Ltd made a pay-out of US$1,465,602 to the Government of Zimbabwe (and a further US$290,288 to WFP as the Replica partner), in parametric drought risk insurance payments to support the extensive drought response efforts in Zimbabwe.
This process evaluation is an independent examination of the efficiency and effectiveness of the Government of Zimbabwe’s planning and delivery of the intervention financed by the ARC 2020 pay-out, to determine whether the overall structure and intent of the Final Implementation Plan (FIP) and related amendments followed the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
The evaluation findings will serve as a learning tool for ARC and its Member States, offering guidance on improvements in terms of planning, procedures and programme implementation. Such exercises also enable constant improvement of ARC’s process audit methodology, instruments, and the current manual.