Evaluation of SIDA’s Support towards Food Security as Part of a Wider Food System in Zambia.

Jimat is conducting an evaluation of SIDA’s Support towards Food Security as Part of a Wider Food System in Zambia. The purpose of the evaluation is to generate lessons from what works well and less well in Sida’s support to food security related interventions, and thus strengthen the capacity to contribute to the achievement of SDG 2. The findings will be used to:

  • Increase the understanding of the current discourse on global and local food systems, and the drivers and underlying factors of insecure food supply in the different contexts of Sweden’s development cooperation in view of the UN Summit on Food Systems in 2021;
  • Strengthen the design and implementation of Sida financed interventions to secure access to nutritious food, through further the understanding of underlying factors and drivers of insecure food supply; and
  • Identify synergies between Sida’s interventions that strengthen food security and thus contribute to poverty reduction.

The evaluation is expected to serve Sida and its partners with an input to the UN Summit on Food Systems. It will also be important to provide Sida with insights regarding food system transformation and how it can be strengthened in Sida’s interventions. It is expected and welcomed that the evaluators provide reflections and lessons drawn to the intended users in this regard. The intended users will be involved in the recommendation creation process to enhance the use of the evaluation. The overall objective of the evaluation is to systematize knowledge and generate lessons that can strengthen Sida’s contribution to a sustainable, resilient and secure supply, access and uptake of nutritious food for people living in poverty.