The Harmonized Seed Security Project (FARNAP-HASSP) was developed through a consultative process and represents a direct response of the member states of SADC to low availability and limited access by farmers in the region to key agricultural inputs. FARNAP piloted the project in four countries including Zimbabwe. The overall objective of the project is to contribute to improved food security and poverty reduction through increased seed security and better preparedness in the SADC region. The project seeks to domesticate and implement the three SADC protocols which were outcome of the SADC Seed Security Network project at national level. Domestication entails the SADC legal regime on seed laws as a basis for creating harmony between national legislation on seeds. The main objective of harmonizing these laws is to foster an even level and enabling environment that facilitates seed trade between countries in the region. A multi-disciplinary task force which included stakeholders engaged in seed business as well as a legal expert was formed. The role of the task force was to accelerate the realignment of national laws for Variety Release and Registration, Seed Certification and Phytosanitary and Quarantine Measures in Zimbabwe. Jimat on this assignment successfully completed the following tasks; � Prepared position papers for signing of the MoU and submission to the Minister of Agriculture � Identified relevant national laws and regulations pertaining to seed � Reviews the current national statutory instruments ( Seed Act, Seed regulations and Seed Certification Scheme Notice of 2000 and Plant and Pests Disease Act and identify areas that need to be aligned to the SADC seed protocol. � Prepared draft amendment guided by established national policy processes and extensive consultations with relevant decision and policy makers as well as champions in the industry. � Provided evidence to policy advisors and decision makers to enable them to make informed decisions � Submitted proposed amendment to the AG�s office and made necessary corrections (following feedback from the AG�s Office) in full compliance with national legal processes