Name: Appraisal Study on Long Term Capacity Building Programme
Year: 2005
Client: SADC Regional Food Security Training Programme (RFSTP)
Country: Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Malawi
Background: The second phase of the RFSTP was coming to an end and member states had requested a continuation to phase three for the RFSTP. Therefore the RFSTP sought the services of a consultants to assist them elaborate phase III of the project.
Objectives: The main objective was to assist SADC RFSTP consult member states and formulate a new long term capacity building programme for the food, and natural resources cluster of sectors
  • Review of literature and production of a concept note,
  • Country visits to consult key stakeholders in government, the donor community, and in civil society (private sector and NGOs,
  • Preparation of Aide Memoire,
  • Preparation of a draft report,
  • Facilitation of a regional seminar in Gaborone.
Special Recognition: