Name: Assessment of Marketing and Market Information Needs for Smallholder Farmers
Year: 2012
Client: Technoserve Zimbabwe Office
Country: Zimbabwe
Background Smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe face a challenging information deficit. Whether it is information on market prices, weather forecasts, advice on disease or availability of inputs, they have no reliable source for current and accurate information. They do not know the best price at which to sell, they have little and infrequent contact with government extension support, and are often unaware of new technologies, best practices or disease outbreaks – all critical issues that can impact their production and incomes. At the same time, buyers and traders struggle to understand what has been planted or who has quantity in bulk to buy from. The majority are smallholders who need accurate, timely market and agronomy information to improve their productivity and incomes. Esoko provides a unique solution to meet the growing information demands of farmers, agri-businesses, and the development community.
Objectives: The purpose of the study was to establish the agricultural and market information requirements of different types of smallholder farmers in different geographical locations and natural regions. The study should set a platform to assess commercial potential for Esoko within the smallholder sector and guide the marketing plan for information service provision to small scale farmers.
Activities: Stakeholder mapping

Preliminary Key Informant Interviews

Literature review

Inception briefing

Face to face interviews with farmer

Market observations in markets in Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru, Mutare and Masvingo.

Special Recognition