Name Assessment of the Swaziland Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) System
Year   2011
Client:            Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
Country Swaziland
Background The Ministry of Agriculture in Swaziland was developing a results oriented participatory M&E system in order to capture data that was to help to understand implementation progress, account for resources, track both output and outcome level achievements and or lack of it and inform decision-making, policy formulation and review.
Objectives The objectives of the assignment were to:

–       assess the existing M&E systems, current practices and processes, their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities that exist for improvement;

–       establish and detail all the linkages or lack of them among the various existing M&E systems to inform an M&E development processes that strengthen the linkages/alignment;

–       establish some form of baseline status of the MoA’s M&E system and form the basis for the strengthening process, progress tracking, and subsequent evaluations;

–       gather data and generate information that will help answer the Key Assessment Questions ( KAQ) to inform the Participatory Vision Based M&E (PVBM&E) strategy development;

–       Create part of the basis for the evolution of a conceptual framework for wider Knowledge Management in the MOA which will complement further ongoing assessment of IT status and MIS practices, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and capacities in MoA.

Activities Activities included: key informant interviews with government donors, UN agencies and other stakeholders, desk review, self assessment questionnaires and working group sessions.