Name: Baseline Study on the Prevalence Of Child Labour in Three Tobacco Growing Districts (Ntchisi, Mchinji And Rumphi) in Malawi
Year: 2011
Client: Eliminating Child Labour in Tobacco Growing (ECLT) Foundation
Country: Malawi
Background: ECLT has been funding child labour elimination programmes in Kasungu and Dowa since 2002. In 2011, ECLT intends to work in other tobacco growing districts in Malawi, hence the need for a comprehensive baseline survey,

The overall objectives of the planned Malawi programme are to:

–          Promote prevention, withdrawal and protection of children from unconditional worst form of child labour and hazardous child labour in tobacco growing area;

–          Promote protection of children legally working (15-17 years old) in tobacco growing area.

More specifically the planned programme will aim at achieving the following five immediate objectives:

  • Strengthen country capacity to combat child labour in tobacco growing through the enforcement of policies and the implementation of effective mechanisms;
  • Support advocacy for change and develop awareness raising on child labour in tobacco growing;
  • Strengthen livelihoods /economic improvement at community and household level;
  • Improve access to education and other basic social services; and
  • Promote transition from hazardous work or exploitive labour to acceptable work for children of legal working age. (15-17 years old).
Objectives: The baseline survey was designed to estimate the prevalence of child labour in tobacco growing in the above-mentioned districts and investigate the determinants of child labour in tobacco growing areas as well as the conditions under which children were working.
Activities: A total of 1606 households were surveyed and 3141 children were interviewed by a total of 50 research assistants. JIMAT consultants were responsible for the data collection, entry, analysis and report writing.
Special Recognition: