Name: Cotton and Coffee Sector Studies
Year: 2004
Client: EC
Country: Zimbabwe
Background: The national cotton and coffee sector studies in Zimbabwe were commissioned by the Government of Zimbabwe with funding from the European Commission.
Objectives: The overall objective of the studies was to assess the current situation of the cotton and coffee sectors in Zimbabwe, in terms of developments in the production and marketing of these two commodities and advise on appropriate economic policies, investment requirements, institutional support and capacity building for the sector based on findings.
Activities: This assignment involved i) conducting detailed farm household surveys covering 1600 farmers in the main cotton and coffee growing regions of the country, semi-structured interviews with key informants among the stakeholders, preparatory stakeholder consultations with key stakeholders at the national level, organizing and facilitating two Fact-Finding Workshops (one for cotton stakeholders and the second for coffee) with local and international representation
Special Recognition: