Name: Design of a Trade Capacity Building Project for Non-State Actors in Zimbabwe
Year: 2006-2007
Client: EC
Country: Zimbabwe
Background: Links between NSAs and the private sector were aimed to be facilitated to exist and it was against this background that the EC made a call for proposals. In particular, the consultant was supposed to identify and cost the following capacity-building needs:

  • Training and advisory services needed to strengthen the capacity of NSAs to participate effectively in international trade negotiations (taking into account EPA negotiations as well as other trade negotiations)
  • Workshops and meetings needed to strengthen private-public policy dialogue in order to effectively engage in trade governance
  • Missions for NSAs to participate in ongoing EPA negotiations;
  • Studies on challenges in connection with adapting to new trade agreements, notably the EPA Zimbabwe is currently negotiating
  • Equipment and logistics needs
  • Further studies (for example taking into account the specific situation of Zimbabwe – strategies for regaining markets etc. when the economy recovers);
  • Support to initiatives generating trade
  • Designed a trade capacity building project for relevant non state actors involved in trade issues in Zimbabwe
  • Draft Tender Dossier(s) (including Terms of Reference) for recruiting Technical Assistance and Management of Programme. Forecast Note prepared. Service Tender Notice prepared. Evaluation procedures in short listing candidates prepared
  • Draft start-up Programme Estimate (Work Programme, budget, financial and implementation plan, technical and administrative arrangements for first 4-6 months)
Activities: Activities included: desk review, consultations with NSAs, facilitating a design workshop attended by donors, NSAs and the government.
Special Recognition: