The Ministry Youth, Indigenization and Economic Empowerment, in conjunction with the Zimbabwe Youth Council has partnered with Unicef in delivering its mandate to provide evidence to the Government of Zimbabwe and interested on the investment potential among the youth. The ZYC seeks complete the last phase of investment case informed by the Youth Situational Analysis and the Provincial Youth Investment Prioritization Reports The objective of this assignment was to finalise the business case for investing in youths aged between 10-35 years. Based a. Compute the Benefit Cost for each option in the thematic areas as follows: 1. Initial investment and benefit; and 2. Scale-up cost and benefit. b. The Cost Benefit Analysis clearly stating incremental effects of implementing options or projects; c. The Cost Benefit Analysis clearly stating the cost or benefit of a committed response, partial response or no response to the identified; d. Calculate the necessary financial ratios for each project; e. Analyse the sensitivity of projects to socio-economic and environmental pressures, where possible simulating scenarios; f. Describe and where possible calculating risk possibilities that are associated with each project/option; g. Each project or investment option stated the role of government, donors, private sector and the youth; h. Identify the best options stating were possible the impacts and gains to investment groups and Zimbabwes economy or losses associated with all scenarios; and i. Provide concrete implementable recommendations to different