Name: Environmental Impact Assessment of Area 43, 46, 47 and 50 Lilongwe   
Year: 2008-2009
Client: Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources
Country: Malawi
Background: The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources opened up four new locations, two were low-density residential areas and the others were commercial. The residential areas included Area 46 Sector II and Area 43 Sector 5 while the commercial areas included Area 47 Sector 1 and Area 50. All these locations were in the City of Lilongwe. For the proposed commercial areas, Area 47 Sector 1 was designated to be predominantly commercial offices in the form of 39 commercial plots, while Area 50 was mainly to be an industrial area with 197 industrial plots.

Jimat in association with GK Works was conducted to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment before the project commenced.

Objectives: The aim of the Environmental Impact Assessment was to formally identify adverse impacts which were likely to be created by the construction, implementation and operation of the project and to evaluate, as far as possible, the causes and effects of these impacts and their consequences for the environment and the local community.
Activities: The consultants carried out the following:

i)             Provided a detailed description of the nature and location of the projects

as well as likely project environmental impacts and measures to minimize these environmental impacts;

ii)            Prepared an Environmental Management plan (EMP);

iii)           Prepared an Environmental Monitoring Plan.

iv)           Undertook public consultations at the project sites and with population likely to be affected by the projects;

v)            Reviewed relevant policies and legislation that had a bearing on the project.