Environment Africa was implementing a project titled Improved Sanitation and Safe Drinking Water for Manica and Vanduzi Urban Poor since 2012. The project was expected to end in 2015. Implementation of the project had at the time, gone more than half of the project period and it was imperative that a Mid-Term Review be conducted. The evaluation assessed project relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability. In addition to that, financial management was also assessed against specific budget lines. This evaluation was expected to inform the last phase of the project and subsequently another possible project cycle. The objectives of the evaluation included: a. Determining progress against the baseline study and indicators set out at the beginning of the project; b. Determining the impact realised so far as compare to the intended impact; c. The evaluation also reviewed and improved policies, procedures and techniques; d. It was also expected to bring out relevance and feasibility of similar actions going into the future focusing on aspects of the project that require adjustment or improvement for the next cycle; e. The evaluation further reviewed the working relationship between EA Mozambique and the Harare head office; and f. The project provided the basis for financial accountability for the project related expenditure.