The FANRPAN Staff Planning Meeting is a flagship event held annually at the beginning of the year. The purpose of the planning meeting was two-fold: a) to prepare and plan for 2016 activities at both regional and node level in order to efficiently deliver results; and b) to contribute to the formulation of Plan�s Strategic Plan (5-10 years). FANRPAN sought to recruit a facilitator to provide technical input to enrich the discussion and co-facilitate sessions of the Retreat with other internal and external resource persons. Our consultant: 1. Reviewed FANRPAN�s documentation in preparation for the retreat; 2. Familiarised with the Draft Workshop Agenda and provide suggestion for its improvement or adaptation as was necessary; 3. Met with staff and other resource persons for briefing and discussion of the facilitation methods to be used for the Retreat; 4. Co-facilitated the 5-day Retreat in a manner that ensured that the agenda was adequately covered and the workshop are met; 5. Contribute to the review and refinement of organisational values of FANRPAN and recommend approaches to narrow the gap between preferred and actual values; 6. Facilitated the sessions to orient staff as well as review organisational systems and provided relevant advice to improve these based on emerging global practice; 7. Provided technical input into formulation of the next 5-year strategy for FANRPAN based on the organisation�s capacity, emerging opportunities and other important considerations; 8. Participate in meeting between Management and the Board Members to discuss strategy and progress update on the ATONU Project providing insight and advice as was necessary; and 9. Prepare a report on the workshop proceedings, resolutions and work plans.