Name FANRPAN Harmonized Seed Security Project (HaSSP) Mid-term Review
Year 2012
Country Zimbabwe
Background Harmonized Seed Security Project has the overall objective of improving food security of smallholder farmers in the SADC region by increasing their access to seeds. The purpose of the project is to provide enabling support to SADC member states to domesticate the regional seed protocol, harmonize their seed policies and legislation, and effectively implement the provisions of the protocol with enhanced national capacities. The ultimate beneficiaries of the project are smallholder farming households whose access to better yields of staple and other preferred crops are expected to increase.
Objectives: The purpose of the mid-term review (MTR) is to assess progress that is to assess to what extent the project was on track. The MTR also provided lessons learnt to date as well as recommendations to inform future implementation and improve project delivery for the remainder of the project.
Activities: Work involved; Developing data collection techniques, formats and guidelines; Conducting data collection in the districts the project worked; Facilitating a country workshop; Compiling, analyzing and validating the data collected for the study and producing an analytical; report; and Facilitating a regional workshop to present results.
Special Recognition