The Objectives of the evaluation were: Program Relevance: The extent to which the objectives of the programs were consistent with the beneficiaries requirement, World Vision priorities and government policies on development Program Efficiency: The extent to which the economic resources/inputs such as funds expertise and time were converted to results. Program Effectiveness: The extent to which the program interventions objectives were achieved or were expected to be achieved, taking into account their relative importance. Program Impacts: The positive or negative, primary and secondary long term effects produced by the program interventions, directly or indirectly, intended or unintended. Program Sustainability: The extent to which the benefits accrued over the program implementation period could continue after discontinuation of World Vision assistance Jimat managed to do the following during this project; Produced an Inception Report within one week of signing contract Developed a detailed Evaluation Work Plan The team also had a field visit to Mdungakasiya to consult with stakeholders. Produced a draft Evaluation Report Produced a final Evaluation Report which included SPSS data files