Name: Final Evaluation of the Small Scale Irrigation Programme (SSIP)
Year: 2004
Client: Government of Zimbabwe / EU
Country: Zimbabwe
Background: The SSIP programme focused on developing small scale irrigation schemes to increase food security and livelihoods among the beneficiaries.  Musikavanhu and Nyanyadzi South Irrigation Schemes located in Manicaland constitute the largest small scale irrigation project developed after independence in Zimbabwe. The beneficiaries (852 plot holders) were capacity built in proper farming methods, business practices and water and natural resources management since 1998.
Objectives: The overall objective of the study was to evaluate the agricultural, financial and economic performance of the irrigation schemes, with the following broad objectives:

  • Assessing current scheme performance;
  • Analyzing the management structure and to suggest possibilities of improvement
  • Analyzing the constraints being faced by the schemes that are hindering scheme development; and
  • Come up with recommendations on ways of improving scheme performance
Activities: The team analyzed the programme relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability. A Livelihoods Analysis Framework was used to determine the impact on household livelihoods. A thorough assessment of the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of the programme was done.
Special Recognition: