The overall purpose of this consultancy was to facilitate the development of a 5-year costed National Nutrition Strategy led by the Ministry of Health and Child Welfares National Nutrition Council. The consultant was expected to adopt an effective participatory approach which include and involved multi sectoral stakeholders. These included the government, 4 UN agencies, academic institutions, Civil society organizations, NGOs, Private sector, Donor agencies and 17 relevant ministries as articulated in the FNC policy document. The consultant; Created a detailed working document for planning and processes for the NNS development in consultation with relevant stakeholders Convened identified national taskforce members and assign roles and responsibilities for the development of the NNS to relevant stakeholders Developed a second monitoring framework and a finalized inception report Facilitated bottleneck analysis and provided costing and process for overcoming potential barriers Reviewed relevant documents and policies pertaining to the development of the NNS which included lessons learnt from other countries in the region and globally Facilitated national level consultations with government sectors and line ministries, academic institutions, donors, UN, civil society and NGOs Orgainsed and facilitated stakeholder workshops at national, provincial and district levels to facilitate the development of NNS Finalized literature review and synthesize findings from consultations Prepared strategy with budget and monitoring framework