The household survey was undertaken in 166 enumeration areas (EAs) from 32 districts of Zimbabwe. These EAs were extracted from the Zimbabwe Demographic and Health Survey conducted in 2010-11 as this survey covered the same communities. The survey team liaised with ZimStat to collect the EAs. The survey involved a complete listing of 166 EAs for eligible households. Jimat undertook and successfully completed the following tasks; Acquired permissions necessary for conducting the survey and provided a research protocol Formulated the standard base questionnaire data collected tools Developed a field procedure plan and training manual Trained the Enumerators in a five day training workshop Conducted a pilot pre-test survey prior to data collection Managed the conducting of the fieldwork in the 32 districts of operation Collected data from 1992 households with real time reporting to the client Managed to conduct data entry, final cleaning of data and presented a data summary report