Jimat was engaged in the following activities; Conducted an assessment of potential commodity brokers to engage, capacity gaps amongst output marketing players and produced an inception report Developed responsive and tailored capacity development plans for key role players in the marketing of produce from leading commodity chains. This also included identification of issues that were curtailing the performance of the markets such as policies that define the operating environment. Facilitated out-sourcing aggregation and marketing of commodities from smallholder farmers to commodity brokers and firms. This involved facilitating the strengthening of structures that enabled efficient logistics to do with the marketing of commodities identified. Provided capacity building services based on the identified gaps through training , coaching, mentoring and networking Identified key actors that required capacity building on identified market related issues or processes Organized multi-stakeholder workshops involving the commodity brokers Agritex, informal traders and agro-dealers, relevant stakeholders to discuss issues relating to output marketing activities in each province Facilitated active dialogue sessions to influence policy and by-laws governing output marketing Facilitated exposure/ learning events for key actors around identified marketing issues