The overall goal of the project is to ensure that the postharvest losses are reduced in the selected countries and thst food security and incomes of targeted farmers� household are improved through appropriate improved grain storage, informed policy and capacity building for. The following � Targeted farmers increase uptake of metal silo technology on the lesson learnt in Phase 1 � Postharvest policies in southern Africa are conducive and harmonized in the long term � Alternative technologies for addressing postharvest losses are studied and introduced The mid-term review sought to meet the following specific objectives; � Assess results achieved by the project so far against activities, outputs and indicators as they appear in the project logical framework matrix and in relation with initial budget and expenditure � Report on possible unintended results, both positive and negative � Review approach and methodologies used in comparison with the approach and methods proposed in the project document, and justifications given by main implementing partner (CIMMYT) for using different method in case it happened as well as the process for developing, endorsing and applying any different methodology � Assess project cycle management against SDC PCM requirements for mandates, both in terms of operational management and financial management, at all levels of implementation � Assess communication between communication between partners at all levels of implementation � Assess to what extent and how gender mainstreaming has been implemented � Propose options for enhancing PCM and project delivery in accordance with SDC requirements and taking into consideration the findings of the cost benefit analysis conducted in 2013 The activities successfully done by Jimat under this assignment include; � Developed an inception report describing details on how our experts were to conduct the review after a briefing with the SDC office in Pretoria. � Conducted a consultative stakeholder meeting in Nairobi with CIMMYT and other implementing partners � Drew up the first and second draft report which was again presented in Pretoria � Made a presentation of the 2nd draft report at the EGSP annual review in Zambia � Submitted the final and revised report