Name: Operational Day’s Work Partners Capacity Building
Year: 2011
Client: Action Aid International
Country: Zimbabwe
Background: Actionaid International in Zimbabwe (AAI-Z) is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) which has been operating in Zimbabwe since 2005 as a country programme.

Actionaid is implementing a youth empowerment project entitled “Breaking the Culture of Silence” funded by Operational Day’s (OD) Work since July 2010.The project is being implemented in cooperation with AAI Denmark, which coordinates the partnership with the OD. The development objective of the project is to facilitate the creation of a democratic community where youths are empowered to participate fully in social, political and economic development, in a culture of freedom, equality, respect and tolerance. The project has the following 3 main objectives:

  • To strengthen young women and men’s ability to articulate and claim their rights thereby increasing their representation and meaningful participation in local decision making structures
  • Young people to have an improved understanding of gender, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS – and make use of the acquired knowledge in decision -making, interpersonal communication and planning for their lives.
  • Youth to benefit from increased access to basic schools education and rights based information in support of awareness raising/lobby and advocacy.
Objectives: The main objective was to build organizational and operational capacities of 6 selected potential partner organizations to enable them to deliver on their core project activities through conducting a capacity building workshop targeting the following resource persons of the six selected organizations: Director; Finance person; Programs person and the Board chairperson.
Activities: Facilitating a 5 day training workshop
Special Recognition: