Name: Project Management Training Workshop
Year: 2012
Client: Christian Community Partnership Trust
Country: Zimbabwe
Background: Within the framework of Higherlife Foundation of transforming people spirit, soul and body, The (CT) Capernaum trust and Christian Community Partnership Trust (CCPT) all under Higherlife have 22 institutions that they support across the country. The ISP program came into being in the year 2000 after the economic challenges that affected Zimbabwe for almost a decade. These economic challenges resulted in Zimbabwe being sidelined by many international donor communities leaving the country and its beneficiaries at the mercy of economic vagaries. The quality of services of charitable organizations deteriorated and all the beneficiaries became vulnerable. Out of this background, the Higherlife Foundation through CT and CCPT decided to come up with this ISP program. The main aim of the ISP program is to partner with community based organizations that are working with disadvantaged members of the Zimbabwe community. The Higherlife Foundation provide grants, Christian materials, Psycho-social support, capacity building, and scholarship to their beneficiaries and other ancillary support as required. All this is done through CT child welfare program and CCPT Institutional Support Program. Currently there are 22 Institutions under Higherlife Foundation 10 and 12 for CCPT and CT respectively. This assessment was focusing on areas that the Higherlife Foundations partner with these institutions. From the grant these institutions receive from Higherlife, 80% is meant to support their programs and 20% is for administration expenses. Furthermore, it is meant to relief funds that were previously used for programs and administration so that they can be used for initiating, developing and run income generating projects. Many of these institutions have initiated income generating project but they are initiated and run with a limited knowledge of the project planning and management and limited resources. This reduces the chances of success of the project and its sustainability hence the need for proper training in project planning and management.

Jimat was contracted by Christian Community Partnership Trust to conduct a training workshop on project management.

Objectives: The overall objective of the Project Planning and Management training workshop was to equip the heads of institutions, Project and Finance Administrators and those in charge of projects in their respective institutions with necessary and relevant skills in project management.
Activities: Facilitated a 3 day training workshop
Special Recognition: