Name: Provision of a Programme Support Unit for the “Non-State Actors Capacity Building Programme” in Botswana
Year: 2008-2012
Client: National Authorising Officer, Ministry of Finance Botswana
Country: Botswana
Background: The overall objective of the programme is to make the formulation and implementation of GoB policies, strategies, and related programmes more responsive to the needs of the population, including the marginalized and disadvantaged sections of the population. The purpose of the programme is to enable NSAs to engage more effectively with government and donor agencies in development processes.

Five results will contribute to the achievement of the purpose:

  • NSAs capacity to participate in policy planning and strategy development is improved
  • NSAs skills in relation to good governance are improved
  • NSAs skills related to project cycle are strengthened
  • Civil Society (CS) Organisations are enabled to formulate and implement strategies for financial sustainability.
  • the networking capacity of NSAs is strengthened.
Objectives: The specific objective of this contract is to provide the Programme Support Unit (PSU) which will ensure proper and timely management and implementation of the programme, with the purpose of enabling NSAs to engage more effectively with government and donor agencies in development processes.

This project includes the management, monitoring and design of a grant scheme using Calls for Proposals to finance NSA activities.

  • Setup of project management systems including technical and financial monitoring and continual assessment of indicators
  • Act as Secretariat to the Programme Steering Committee (PSC) and the Evaluation Panel (EP)
  • Draw-up and implement successive Programme Estimates (PE) and budgets
  • Prepare tenders/calls for proposals, evaluate and conclude other contracts financed under the project.
  • Supervise the implementation of all contracts and ensure that tasks are properly performed and documented
  • Arrange for the recruitment of short term experts for identification of special studies and preparation of TORs
  • Ensure project implementation is in accordance with relevant EDF procedures
  • Work closely with the technical groups, stimulating their participation in the programme implementation, and providing them with capacity building and training, as required
  • Liaise with the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, NSAs umbrella organisations/representatives and other relevant stakeholders.
Special Recognition: