Name: Regional Food Security and Risk Management Programme (REFORM) for Eastern and Southern Africa
Year: 2005
Client: IGAD/European Commison
Country: Djibouti, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zambia, and Bostwana
Background: The REFORM programme was implemented in four regions, namely IGAD, COMESA, EAC and IOC which form the Inter-Regional Coordination Committee (IRCC) with its secretariat in COMESA in Zambia. Regional integration organisations involved (i.e., Djibouti for IGAD; Arusha for EAC; and Lusaka for COMESA) and a special visit to the SADC Secretariat (SADC is participating as Observer).
Objectives: The main objective was to elaborate a food security and risk management programme for the IGAD, EAC and SADC regions financed by the EU.
Activities: JIMAT as the institutional experts elaborated the institutional arrangements and financial procedures for the programme based on the 9th EDF Financial Regulations and Guidelines. It elaborated the procedures for externalised direct labour operations, contribution agreements for IGAD and COMESA and for Calls for Proposals. In addition, jointly facilitated a regional workshop in Nairobi to discuss the proposal. Finally as institutional experts, JIMAT prepared the Financing Proposal for the programme.
Special Recognition: