The Overall objective of the RISP II programme is to contribute to the economic integration process of the ESA IO region as a means to enhance economic growth of countries of the region and raise standards of living of their respective populations. Its specific objective is to enhance capacity of the Regional Organizations and stakeholders in Member/Partner States to create integrated markets. The private sector of the region is the main beneficiary of the programmes objectives to enhance the regions competitiveness. A private sector focus will remain at the core of all interventions and activities. The main objective of this project was providing expertise to give effective support on the preparation of a new Project Identification Fiche (PIF) for the 10th EDR Regional Integration Support Programme (RISP III) Jimat under this assignment accomplished the following; Conducted a desk research based research and provided expertise at a workshop . The Jimat consultant reviewed feedback and report of COMESA appointed STE, who was tasked to undertake the background study in support of the workshop. Facilitated a 7-day workshop developing Project Identification Fiche (PIF) document. Reviewed the feedback and Report of the IRCC Plenary Meeting Facilitated a review workshop