Name: Technical Assistance to the Project “Implementation and coordination of agricultural research and training in the SADC Region” (ICART – 2) complementary phase
Year: 2008-2010
Client: SADC
Country: Angola, Botswana, Congo (Kinshasa), Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe

SADC region

Background: The project “Implementation and Coordination of Agricultural Research & Training (ICART) in the SADC Region” is a regional agricultural research programme operating under the auspices of the Food Agriculture and Natural Resources (FANR) Directorate of the SADC Secretariat. The Directorate is responsible for the coordination of the Agricultural Research and Training Programmes in the SADC region. Agricultural production and food security are regarded as national priorities.

By virtue of the complementary nature of the two phases of the ICART project, the expected results of ICART-2 are similar to those of ICART-1. However, more financial resources in ICART-2 will be directed towards those results that could not adequately be addressed in ICART-1. The expected results of ICART-2 are defined as:

Result 1: SADC has a strengthened regional capacity to coordinate agricultural research and training.

Result 2: Research Networks are strengthened in accordance with the research priorities for the SADC region.

Result 3: Grant funded research projects have provided results and information for rural small-holder farmers and communities.

Result 4: A regional information system has been developed. (Databases, electronic information sources and a web-site).

Result 5: The sub-regional Scholarship fund has strengthened the sub-regional MSc programme and the technical training capacity in agricultural and veterinary sectors.

National Agricultural Research Systems, Extension services, Agribusinesses, NGOs, training institutions and farmers’ organisations constitute the major stakeholders of this project

Objectives: The consortium was responsible for the overall implementation of the ICART project (ICART 1 and 2).
  • Draw-up work plans for the Project, and supervise the implementation of annual work plans and successive Programme Estimates in accordance with relevant SADC regulations and EDF procedures;
  • Assist the Research and Development (R&D) Unit in achieving the vision and strategy of the project, while ensuring stronger linkages and coordination of activities with other projects within the FANR Directorate;
  • Assist the R&D Unit in strengthening cooperation with project stakeholders and in the assessment and coordination of agricultural research, development, training and networking activities in the region; Contribute to the activities of the Technical Committee on Agricultural Research, Development and Training of SADC;
  • Prepare technical and financial progress reports;
  • Prepare and implement an exit strategy for the ICART project;
  • Formulate and implement a network support strategy for the ICART Project, guided by the principles
  • Assist the R&D Unit to establish and maintain contact with the regional research, development and training networks, in the coordination of regional networks and to provide technical backstopping in the implementation of network activities;
  • Facilitate and promote exchange of information between researchers and development agencies, universities and research institutions in the SADC Region and outside through relevant international and regional networks;
  • Conduct other specific regional actions as approved by the FANR Directorate.
Special Recognition: