The purpose of the Gender Training Programme is to strengthen the analytic, programme and policy skills of the MOG and other Ministry personnel in order to contribute to the national development priority of advancing gender equality and womens empowerment in Zambia. Building on the training provided in the Introduction to Gender Equality Programming and Policy Influencing in April 2015, Jimat Development Consultants designed and delivered a more comprehensive modular training programme for MOG and sister line Ministries personnel The project had three main objectives which included: a. To ensure broad based basic understanding the importance of gender equality and womens empowerment and the MOGs mandate for their advancement in Zambia through the design and delivery of an introductory programme (Module 1); b. To provide a more in-depth understanding and to equip staff directly working on gender aspects with practical skills required to work more effectively for the advancement of gender equality and womens empowerment in their specific jobs and roles though the design and delivery of in-depth training modules; and To provide the opportunity for the above mentioned training to be scaled up and replicated through incorporation of Training of Trainers skills development into training sessions delivered on each training module. 1. Design and delivery of: a. Module 1: Induction providing an introduction to the concepts of gender equality and womens empowerment; b. Module 2: Gender Responsive Policy, Analysis and Budgeting; c. Module3: Monitoring and Evaluation for Results; d. Module 4: Communication (Internal and External); and e. Module 5: Introduction to Women and Childrens right 2. Compilation and reproduction of training packs for each of the modules and share with all participants; 3. Production of a written training report; and 4. Production of a written review report.